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It was pretty good Jason. I bought the entire DVD collection a few years back, which came with the pilot, and some extras, such as the follow up movies. Seemed like Chuck was kind of an A-hole about Jack the dog, and making him cross the swift as hell river, and risk being swept away in an instant, instead of letting him ride in the wagon over. What a dick :D I think that sealed from the start, the way I would feel about the Chuckster for the rest of the series :D A couple of those aunt’s that you saw in that brief scene, where they were saying goodbye to the family, looked pretty nice. Too bad they didn’t make it over to the series. Funny, but I bought the entire dvd set about 2 years back, and I don’t think I’ve gotten past the first season yet. I had plans to work my way through the entire series, but never seem to find the time anymore to sit down for an hour and watch it. I still haven’t seen most of the later episodes. Caught an episode of little house: A new beginning, one time. There’s no way in hell I’m buying that dimwitted Willie bastard, 19th century dunce extraordinaire, could ever pull off anything as substantial as landing that sweet little Rachel dish :D If you like this show, the closest show today that I’ve seen come close to it, is When Calls the Heart on Hallmark. It has a “little house sorta feel” to it. As it turns out, there is a reason for this. Michael Landon Jr is somehow involved in the production of this series (One of the executive producers I believe?) There is also a spin off of this series titled: When Hope Calls, which doesn’t seem too bad either. [quote]Caroline said " in 6 days!"[/quote] Then Caroline thought about it for a moment before replying to Chuck again: “The last time Chris was here, he instantly added 6”, which beats your performance by 4”. “By the way, Sleepy Eye called. They have at least a weeks worth of residents that need punching out, so we’ll see you some time after thanksgiving” :D 9:00AM the next day: Chuck is on his way to Olsen’s Mercantile, when he comes across Fred the goat. Fred butts him squarely in the chest, knocking him into a mud pit, and breaking two ribs. Just then Mrs Olsen happens along, and she mistakes him for Joe Kagan. Her eyes light up, and no one else is around, so she squeals, “Say Mr Kagan, I’ve heard that you gentlemen are rather large “down there”. So she violently jumps Chuck, and breaks two more of his ribs in the process :D It's my job to entertain the troops, Jason :D A boxer. He seems to enjoy being shirtless, and punching people out a lot :D Very nice weather indeed. Plenty of nice days for Chuck to run around shirtless, and expose the twins to a little vitamin D enrichment. It’s almost like they were living in southern California :D I’d put my money on Chuck. If he started to fall behind in the contest, he could always jab Ross in the eyes with those magnificent torpedo tits, and then go in for the kill, with the fists marinated in the blood of a thousand disobedient Walnut Grove denizens! This is true Jason. But since we live in an age in which we’re only supposed to try to see the good in everyone, I’ve decided to compile a list of Albert’s positive attributes. So here’s a list of improvements that came to Walnut Grove, in large part, thanks to Albert. Walnut Grove received its first official firehouse. This provided full time employment for 15 fire personnel. A new Hospital-including burn unit. Again, many more jobs created. This was a significant improvement over “take two pills and call the undertaker in the morning”, Doc Baker. A new blind school: This time made from brick. This provided temporary employment for 15 masons. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic, specializing in Morphine abuse (Which increased significantly, after Albert had went into business full time, synthesizing the stuff). A Bordello founded by Albert. This employed an additional 40 residents. So as you can see, from a fiscal perspective, Albert was a significant boost to the economy of Walnut Grove. So, pimp, arsonist, drug peddler, conman, health guru, economy booster [Parental Advisory Explicit Content]<spoiler>Sylvia fucker</spoiler>; call him what you will, but Albert was truly a man of many occasions :D View all replies >