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I tried the search results "bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states". It appears that it was a line used in a movie: [url][/url] I got a lot of results on DuckDuckGo. [url][/url] Gotcha. You used to be able to get the “higher octane” (i.e the 10% to 30% vs the 5% sold over the counter) minoxidil. And while it wasn’t tested in clinical trials long enough to determine its effectiveness, many claimed to have very good results with it. Unfortunately, the FDA banned the importation of it into the US. [quote]With Law the rest his hair behind the Norwood 3/4 hairline seems thick so plenty of hair to use for the hairline to bring it back to the Mr Ripley norwood 2 era (and no real issues with future loss if on finasteride).[/quote] I’m no medical expert (Though I play one on the internet :D ) But as I recall, the transplanted hair taken from the donor site (The back of the head) is “genetically resistant” and is unlikely to ever fall out, with or without the aid of supplements. Oh, and I’d stay away from that finasteride stuff. I’ve heard some horror stories of men that have suffered permanent ED from taking it. Besides, as with minoxidil, it’s only clinically proven to work at the vertex of the scalp (Though they probably do help to stabilize hair loss in other areas). I can’t remember if I saw this particular episode or not. But if you’re a fan of Ms Van Devere’s, you might check out a somewhat obscure movie by the title of “The Savage Is Loose”, if you haven’t already done so. That was some controversial sh!t for the early 70’s! And she looks great in it. That’s too bad. I was a big fan of this guy, and The Virginian tv series (Though the 1.5 hour long episodes were a little too long for my taste). I preferred the earlier episodes with Judge Garth and Betsy. I’m sorry, but not liking any and all things, Booger related, is just plain UN-American :D Yes indeed. It was called the Homestead Act of 1860. There were a few conditions that must be met. You had to build at least a temporary shelter, live there at least 6 months of the year, and work the land every year, for a period of 5 years. Most did not meet the requirements, grew frustrated, and went back east. You also had the option to purchase the land at a reasonable cost of pennies on the acre (I believe it was $.25 an acre). Ideally, the homesteaders chose a location that was near a railhead, or near where a railhead was anticipated as going in. Many of the homesteaders settled in the plains states. There were few trees in this area. The wiser homesteaders built the very well insulated sod homes to start. Then later, after a few successful crops, built stick and frame homes. Many of the early homesteaders that did not shelter in sod homes, did not survive even the first winter of their stay. With regards to the prairie madness, fans of the little house books will remember that Laura Ingalls, once reaching Dakota territory, and after having started her first teaching job, boarded with a family by the name of “Brewster” (The families real name was Bouchie). While the children’s books were heavily edited for children, and thus largely fictional. The part about Mrs Brewster/Bouchie suffering from prairie madness, was real, as it was among many that were not conditioned to such isolation. As far as the OP’s mention of the family in this film having such nice things for that time and place, they are right; it wouldn’t have been likely. Only after satisfying the homestead requirements, and having lived there for a period of many years, and having several successful crops, would they have been able to live in such luxurious circumstances. In other words, only a handful of farming families would have been lucky enough to have ever achieved such success. Most went back east in the early years, until the area had been better settled. Not familiar with the other nominations mentioned. But this one has to be a top contender! Lord of the Flies (1963) [Deleted Scene] [url][/url] Watched this one last night. I was amazed at the mistakes, and or lack of preparation that they put into the flight. They’re in a high mountain region in a single engine aircraft, and took no preparations or emergency kit with them. I remember when I took flying lessons, the place that rented the planes, had a policy prohibiting these types of flights. They didn’t even wear proper, hydrophobic clothing, and were under dressed, should something happen. A fire kit, and a signal kit; either hand flares, ground flares, or even a bright flashlight, would have upped their survival odds considerably, and made their discovery that much quicker. No explanation on why the plane suddenly lost power, and started dropping in elevation? I’d imagine that the wings iced up, but I guess we’ll never know. So? A spin-off series titled a girl and her goat? :D What about the scene following the incident where Fred power slams Mrs Olsen in butt, and into the mud pit? An unsuspecting townsfolk that happened along following that incident, might have thought it was a scene out of a scat film gone wrong :D View all replies >