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Hopefully, his ability to reproduce was terminated. I think it's pretty clear we're not dealing with Mensa members here. I'm almost sure of it. Every episode: "I'm the queen!" Nobody could be that obnoxious. Some shows seem to need a few episodes (or a season) to find their way. This show is one of them. Seems to get better every episode. Shamir is an angry violent whiny pussy. I can't believe he's employed as a banker. A bouncer is more like it. I'd love to see him gone sooner than later. Redmond is a classic bully with his little enabler buddy. Reminds me of the old cartoon dog pair -- Chester and Spike (youtube them). And yeah, I couldn't figure how they got so far behind "the boys". Too bad. I liked them. Well-written summary. My thanks. The episode gap created a fog in my mind as well. As Jennie said above, a few minutes of memory joggers would have been nice. Since gay and trans issues have been in the news so much lately that they hardly raise my eyebrows or those of the people in the circles in which I travel, I viewed the tribal hysteria as just more liberal snowflakiness. I do realize that a person's sexual preference and gender identity are intensely personal issues, so the only person who had a right to be upset was Zeke. And he wasn't, at least not outwardly -- seemed stunned more than anything. The weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth of the rest was over the top and they just identified themselves to be the same kind of highly judgemental SJWs that infest Internet forums. My use of the word "hate" is hyperbolic. More reasonable words would be "irritating" and "annoying", particularly with respect to his mantra "I don't know what to dooo." Better? I have a big problem with people who go back on their word. Plus, she made her intention "to lay with" Rick clearly and directly to Michonne. So, maybe not evil, but certainly dishonorable and immoral and disrespectful. I've watched every episode so far and I feel very comfortable recommending it. It's hilarious. View all replies >