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I think he would be a good choice. The Nice Guys (2016) Back to the Future (1985) Pulp Fiction Raging Bull Fight Club Million Dollar Baby The Hurricane Cinderella Man Booksmart (2019) No, I don't think his haircut should be a factor. I bought physical media and went to the theatre this weekend. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. King Kong Candy (1968) any of the teen sex comedies from the 80s I would rank them: A Time to Kill The Firm The Rainmaker The Client The Chamber Runaway Jury The Pelican Brief The Gingerbread Man Child Bride Yeah, it did a lot better than most people expected. It was funny and entertaining, so I'm glad it did so well. I hope they do a sequel. The blu-ray is fantastic and a must own. Pinocchio is an excellent film. Yes, it is a great, funny film. I don't find her ugly at all. She is a beautiful woman. John Oliver Charlize is a better actor, but Blake is better looking. I am a fan of both though. Because it is funny and entertaining and both actors do a good job with their roles. 8/10