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Hope you had a good birthday, monkey! Buffalo ยด66 7/10 Word trade center 8/10 Godzilla: king of the monsters 6/10 I was on vacation this past week. I watched: Cry Macho (2021) 8/10 Tower (2016) 9/10 Broken Flowers (2005) 8/10 Angel-A (2005) 8/10 The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) 7/10 Dune (1984) 7/10 rewatch The Fog (1980) 7/10 rewatch Bewitched (2005) 7/10 rewatch Flash Gordon (1980) 7/10 rewatch Candyman (1992) 9/10 rewatch Bowfinger (1999) 7/10 rewatch The Invisible Man Returns (1940) 6/10 Fences (2016) 6/10 The Invisible Woman (1940) 6/10 The Patsy (1964) 6/10 Lolita (1997) 8/10 Wonder (2017) 8/10 Dear Evan Hansen (2021) 9/10 Apt Pupil (1998) 7/10 Life (2017) 5/10 Nightbooks (2021) 5/10 Level Sixteen (2018) 6/10 Killer Concept (2021) 6/10 Summer of Dreams (2016) 7/10 Superhost (2021) 6/10 I would have loved a big mac, but I was working until 6:30 pm and there isn't a McDonald's near me. The smurfs are awesome. Stop with your anti-smurf agenda or I will report you to Smurfette. You know she and I are VERY close and she won't let your taste her magic smurf berries anymore if you besmirch the good smurf name. Chicken noodle soup for me with a refreshing glass of milk. Of course not. 35 is not even considered middle age. Nonsense. There is zero evidence or reason to think that the woman who made Cuties is a pedophile. Cuties was clearly not made for pedophiles as it doesn't have any child sex or nudity in it. There are several other films about children having sex or that have actual child nudity in them. Cuties is tame compared to them. Cuties (2020) was very controversial. The director received death threats, there was a petition online to ban the movie and there were very heated arguments online with a lot of name calling. A woman I had been friends with for years blocked me on Facebook because I watched Cuties. Yeah, I don't like working Sunday, but I couldn't get a Monday to Friday daytime shift, so it was either work days or have the weekends off with a late afternoon shift. I picked days, because I had working late afternoons. I watched 25 movies this week. I don't want to take the risk. Today is the last day of my vacation and I work tomorrow at 9 am. View all replies >