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Top 5 films? What do you think is his worst film? Good pilot episode One of the best films of the year Worst comedy special ever! I liked it One of the worst movies of all time Not as fantastic as X, but still very good Rate and rank his films Rate and rank her films View all posts >


This. 100 per cent. I think it is too soon for most Academy members and they will refuse to even consider him, no matter how good he is or how good the film ends up being. Leonardo. I went and saw Bros today. If there was a movie called Hos, I would have seen that first. I went to The Beat Goes On and pick up two used Criterion blu rays. I got Diabolique (1955) and The Wages of Fear (1953). I'm a straight man and I went and saw it and enjoyed it. It's a good movie. Hocus Pocus 2 2022 7/10 Although not as good as the original, Hocus Pocus 2 is still reasonably fun with some cute and amusing moments. Who Killed Captain Alex? 2010 6/10 This has some amusing moments, but is just alright overall. Fascination 1979 7/10 I liked this. It was atmospheric, sensual and erotic. I like stalking people. A quiet place 2 7/10 I watched: The Legend of the Titanic 1999 3/10 The plot of the movie is inherently offensive and problematic as it tries to rewrite history and put a happy ending on a tragedy. The animation is mediocre, but I did enjoy the design of the octopus (which was ridiculous looking). Kinky Coaches and the Pom Pom Pussycats 1981 2/10 (rewatch) The writing and acting range from awful to mediocre. Terrifier 2016 7/10 An entertaining and effective horror film. It doesn't clown around. Don’t Worry Darling 2022 8/10 This was entertaining. Florence Pugh did a good job and Chris Pine is fantastically villainous. I thought Harry Styles was miscast and his performance didn't work for me. The story was interesting and I was satisfied by the resolution. I also really liked the cinematography and the score. Love Is Strange 2014 6/10 Good performances, but I didn't find the story very interesting. Carnival of Souls 1998 5/10 Am I going crazy or was this actually not that bad? Granted, it's not very good, but it isn't as bad as some of the other films I have watched lately. Clash 2016 7/10 An effective and well written drama with good performances. Brendan Schaub: You’d Be Surprised 2019 2/10 This is by far the worst stand up comedy special I have seen. The Nightingale 2018 9/10 Aisling Franciosi is fantastic and the film is exceptionally well directed. If Beale Street Could Talk 2018 8/10 Good movie, well written, strong performances. Blonde 2022 9/10 Masterfully directed by Andrew Dominik and features a great performance by Ana de Armas. It's beautifully filmed and effectively haunting. For me, Blonde is one of the best films of the year. Love it or hate it, Blonde is a must see. 45 Years 2015 6/10 Well acted, but I didn't find the story overly interesting. A couple good moments, but mostly fall a little flat for me. continued... I believe there is subtitles, but it has been a while since I watched it. Yes, I would recommend El Topo. I saw it once a few years ago and rated it an 8/10. View all replies >