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Got some new movies today My thoughts Better in Glee or Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist? My review Golden Globes nominations announced Gallows Game #7-Try to guess the movie-Gone with the wind, Lud wins This was interesting Rate and rank his films Is there an actor/director that you have more than 1 box set of? When counting movies... View all posts >


It might make some money. I suspect the studio considers it a safer bet than an original, new idea. Tom and Jerry has a potential built in audience, whereas completely new characters don't have the same built in audience. To make money and because they couldn't think of any new ideas that I wanted to take a chance on. Yes, it’s a good film. You should watch the movies that I plan on watching. If you do what are you planning on watching thread then we can match. Good movie, 8/10 from me. Braveheart Is it based on your life? Not yet. Destry Rides Again (1939) Great western with Jimmy Stewart. I watched it February 21. Tim is a romantic drama about a 20 year old mentally challenged man (played by Mel Gibson) who becomes close with a middle aged woman (played by Piper Laurie). View all replies >