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Get Out (2017) Happy Death Day (2017) Sinister (2012) The Godfather: "Disclaimer: The story involves killing lots of people. Crime is bad now and murdering people is not good for society. The right perspective is the one of the people who don't kill everyone." Lolita: "Disclaimer: Having sex with little girls is bad. This film was made many years ago and they didn't know better. We have evolved and now realize getting it on with kiddies is not good. Remember that while watching this film." Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) Cool. Sounds interesting. I think she is pretty cute. I had Kraft Dinner. I liked this one better than Goodnight Mommy. Sorry, but that is incorrect. Nudity is not child pornography. There are lots of films from all the over the world, including Hollywood films, that have child nudity. There are legal websites that have child nudity. I would call it a psychological thriller. View all replies >