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This is NOT ugly. Sympathy for Ronnie. NO. He goes out with a woman who has troubles but she seemed nice. Then he does that. And when he got out of the pool and everyone is staring at him and he yells I was only trying to cool off. BS. He went there to check out all the kids. Perfect casting in a great movie! No contest. Samantha I agree with this: [b]"Frasier is funnier and better written"[/b] I got all 11 seasons of Frasier on DVD. Never get tired of watching it. Cheers was good but I would not pay money to own their DVD's. Probably Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. I live in a small town that has one cinema and its open but only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just a bit of trivia. She only made one legit legal porn film. Its called Traci "I Love You". I have a copy of it on VHS. I agree. She looked great in the 90's. After that why she would want to lose all that weight I will never know. I won't post no [b]recent[/b] pictures of her. But in some of them she looks like she should be hospitalized. This is her in the 1990 film The Hot Spot. She looked great. Try it with the windows key. Its right beside the Ctrl key. View all replies >