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Would George Floyd's death gotten as much publicity if..................... In the movie Intrusion New fan of IFC Had they been black Saw this 68 Kill Baldwin How times have changed Covid-19 Could this be it? Has he lost his mind? View all posts >


Just saw recently Jennifer Aniston on the last show of Ellen Degeneres and she looked great. Not 53. Jennifer Lopez - Looks younger than her age Jennifer Garner - Looks younger than her age Gwen Stefani - Looks younger than her age Halle Berry - Looks younger than her age Have any of you seen her lately. I will not post pictures but take my word for it. She is so skinny she looks unhealthy. Not really a ghost story but here goes. Heard it was true. A business woman has a very important document to sign. She goes to sigh it but her pen don't work. She calls in her secretary for a pen. This one don't work either. So the secretary says I will get you my own pen. Well it don't work. The secretary gets another one and says I will try it first. Works fine. But when the business woman goes to sigh the document it won't work. She says I'll sign it in a day or two. Well its found out had she sighed it she and her company would have lost tons of money. This is a true ghost story. A no nonsense guy I used to work with told me this. He is not one to make up stories. He started dating a woman who worked with us. Ended up getting married. About a week or two after they were living together he woke her up and said do you see the figure in the doorway. She said yes its just her dead grandmother. Go back to sleep and I will tell you about it in the morning. Needless to say he did not get much sleep that night. In the morning she said when her grandmother died years ago no matter where she lived she would check on her. About once a month he would see the outline of her grandmother. Well sadly his wife passed away from kidney failure. Once she was gone he never seen her grandmother again. I agree Bound is the best. But to says these two are not worth mentioning is just wrong.;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=60.jpg I'll take my chances! Two women I think most people like but I can't stand them. I refuse to watch anything they are in. They make me sick. Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell. Only if he was frisked first to make sure he did not have a gun on him. Saw her on Ellen DeGeneres's last show and at age 53 she looks fantastic. View all replies >