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Was going to post this on.............. Share? When taking a shower............ Looks like Meghan Markle's .................. ProBoards Does everyone still have to............................................ The day is coming to an end................ When logging in I can't explain this Sadly I have to leave MC View all posts >


I liked it more than you. Give it a 7.5/10 But then Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses. Someone said they don't know what the answer is. Well I got the answer. Millions of people don't want anything to do with jury duty but millions of people do. This would solve the problem. In the upcoming election have on the ballot "Do you want to serve on jury duty?" You would have plenty of people marking yes to be on juries. All the people who marked no would not be called for jury duty. I looked it up on IMDb and it has 9 episodes. When you say "Then you should buy it." Buy it where? Yes I like them. But like someone said if there is a lot of lightning they can be a little nerve-wracking. Just the other night we had one and I grabbed a beer and went out on my patio and watched it. Great question. Tent camping one with handles. RV camping one with wheels. "If you like Carla, you'll be happy." Carla is my favorite actress. Try to see everything she is in. Would have loved to seen that but I don't get Cinemax. How many episodes did they make? Food, beer, and her: Yes but I am losing my patience. If Terrygg lets this get past $6000 dollars I am sending this after him: So Terrygg get that money in the mail today! Send to this address Michael I. Days 2115 May Street Palm Beach, FL 33401 Good news. The supercomputer is having so much fun with the illusion of this virus it had extened the turn off date till September. View all replies >