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Does everyone still have to............................................ The day is coming to an end................ When logging in I can't explain this Sadly I have to leave MC Anyone else sad.................. Anything ever happen that made you a believer? Since its Halloween I feel obligated to................... Megyn Kelly Did I watch the same movie? View all posts >


[b]What astounds me is that Walton and the loggers all passed polygraph tests[/b] Not the first time they took the polygraph tests. They all ended up passing the tests but only after taking it again. I think it was just some guys out drinking looking for some fun so they made the whole thing up. I have never been to the place I pictured. Just posted it as an example. But I would love to go there biking and camping. Its called Glacier National Park. Its in Montana. [url][/url] This is my happy place. Fresh air, good exercise and great scenery. Best thing about it I can go to my happy place everyday! [url][/url] Rachel Maddow is far from the only one who has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Millions of Democrats and liberals have it. 95% of the media has it. When Trump is re-elected it will be fun watching those people melt down for, four more years! Could there is some form of life somewhere in the universe? Probably. Do I believe aliens have visited earth? No. But this thread reminds me of the so called true story movie "Fire in the Sky". Its about some loggers in Arizona seeing a UFO. One of the men gets out of the truck and disappears for 5 days. He then tells of be abducted. After watching the movie my take was 5 or 6 loggers got drunk and made the whole thing up. Sorry to mislead you. I have never been there (Glacier National Park in Montana). I just picked that picture as an example. Would love to go biking and camping there. [url][/url] Very pretty face: [url][/url] But way, way to skinny: [url][/url] I ride one of my bikes every day unless it rains all day. And I'm not talking about a mile or two. The most I ever rode in one day was 44 miles. Last year I rode 4,316 miles. That is an average of about 12 miles a day. Great exercise, fresh air and great scenery. [url][/url] [quote]I’ve tried to pin point what it is about her in this film that just sends me to another planet[/quote] Its easy for me to pin point why! [url][/url] [url][/url] No but I will have their ribs and fries. And a few cold beers. [url][/url] View all replies >