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What are the other mistakes you're referring to? I know there are some leaps of faith required, but the science behind the show is pretty solid. I don't think so. Those type of arrangements typically compel actors to do big blockbuster superhero type movies, and in exchange the actor gets to do a pet project, like an Indie film. This film, The Layover, is low budget, low production value, and all around terrible. The most likely scenario is that Daddario is friends with the director/producer and is doing it as a favor. Oh really? Didn't know that. Will have to start waking up earlier then! Completely agree. Especially with Spider-Man. Over the past years, we've had Tony Parker, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. It's crazy. Good point about GRRM. He's getting old and senile. Fingers crossed for the next books which hopefully come out next year. Wait what?!? Are you serious? Why were the US Navy so hostile when boarding the sinking ship? They hop on board with guns blazing yelling at everyone. Seems so unnecessary. Yeah all these streaming companies are getting into original content production. I recently heard Apple and Amazon are bidding for the James Bond 007 rights to produce the next Bond film. I think the website is It works at all the popular chains (AMC, Regal, etc.). Fingers crossed for season 2 View all replies >