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I think the time has past for this series ( terrible ) SPOILER

I liked Rick and Michonne in the The Walking Dead. They were a cool couple, and the series was hot and fresh and the plots and acting were new and interesting.

I watched the first ( sample ) episode of "The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live" the other night about Rick and it was terrible. Rick gets his hand cut off, which I guess happened in the comic book, but so what? They did not have to do that, and the fact that it is years later and they did it right away was just attempted manipulation ... but I think most people just do not care. I know I didn't.

Then the reunion of Rick and Michonne was so forced and stupid, I really could not believe that someone wrote this, and they OK'ed it and went through the effort to produce it. Plus, in those terrible future times of zombies and no food, Michonne got fat.

It was such a let down and so bad I won't watch any more of it, even when they stream the full season - I just don't care.

AMC has driven all these Walking Dead series into the ground with unimaginative writing and terrible characters. What a waste. There must be good writers out there somewhere, why did they go with this clumsy and boring plot?


"Michonne got fat."

Actually, I thought she looked slimmer than in the parent series - she was fat then.


You dolt