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Interesting movie - worth a watch

Went in blind without knowing what it was about. Was it a comedy, a horror movie? The buildup to what was actually going on was the best part. Good cast (Angela from Who's the Boss?!), high production values, and an interesting ending.

Worth a rental or watch on HBO.


I actually thought it was just barely average. I wasn’t that interested in what was going on .. I’m really puzzled by the glowing reviews this film is getting


Where this movie really shines, for me, is the many ways that it pokes fun at the restaurant industry, particularly fine dining. I wasn't invested in any of the the characters or the story, but the satire was enough to keep me engaged.


If that was the aim, it could have been done so much better - without resorting to surrealist murdering crap.

Alas, the hilarity of masses buying utter crap and then justifying them is quite common these days, to a point where you really don't need a satire - satire is all around us.

As far as food is concerned, I recall there being a Japanese satire film about the Japanese noodle restaurants - and the wild reactions of the foodies to subpar food. Heck.... every youtube video about wagyu restaurant experience looks like satire - if you open your eyes, that is.

Do keep in mind, this sort of gaslighting that we see on daily basis is not new - The Emperor's New Clothes is basically a fairy tale about that exact thing.

Satire is all around us.


i thought it was fine.
too many plot holes.. but these types of bottleneck scenarios are always guilty of it.

cute ending btw


Judith Light, one of my favorite actresses formerly from soaps.