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Problems I had with this movie. It was unrealistic

I read description of the book on Wiki and it looks like it was very faithful adaptation. So it was the author of the book at fault. Even the whole: "It was the 50-th, things were different back then" dont make sense.

1. I can accept that mother went crazy from the abuse and ran away. Things like that happen. But her 3 adult sisters too? And leave 6 and 8 sister and bother with abusive father? What kinds of monsters they had to be. And none of them thought to take her with them? They just left her to be beaten up? And then brother left? To go where? What did he eat, where he lived? He was a child.

2. So this mans whole family just dissapears and no one in town asks where they are? No police, no one? They didnt wonder if he didnt kill them all? Which brings to conclusion that mother could have just kill abusive husband and no one at all in that town would question what happened to him. She could even say he ran away and left them and it would be a reasonable explanation no one could overturn.

3. Where did father work? No one wondered when he didnt show up and went missing? It seems everyone in town knew that there 8 years old child that lived alone in the mush unsupervised and no one cared. No police, no one. And she frequently came to town. And she lived from the gardening and trading fresh mussels and smoked fish for money. Thats where whole food and all stuff came from for 10 years? She is like female-tarzan. I’m surprised she didnt learn to read by looking at the letters in books like Tarzan did. ))))

4. Bering literally she-Tarzan she behaved like skilled and wise teenager when come to dating those two college boys. Instead of being naive and not knowing anything since she lived alone in the woods her whole adult life.

5. For living alone she looked so clean and elegant all the time.


I just want to reply to #5. That part did make me wonder how she was able to have perfect teeth, hair etc. Just seemed like she might have enough $$ for food but the rest? Highly doubtful.


Yeah, #1 was strange. Why didn't she at least go with Jodi? Was he like, you're just going to slow me down. LOL! The sequence of the mother, then sisters, then brother leaving was so quick, almost cartoonish. You're left to wonder they all had the wherewithal to leave... but why didn't she, and why didn't any of her siblings think to take her? "Contrived" is the word because without it, there is no movie. LOL!

As for #5, you would think someone that pretty that the whole town knows about, that she would have to fend off the predators. But for the most part, she just lived a carefree, completely safe life. Chase was also a predator, but he was only so because she invited him into her life. I'm talking about real criminals who knew where she lived, and knew she lived alone. Must be a very safe town then.


Also, are you telling me there were no hurricanes or tropical storms that hit the coast of North Carolina in 10 years? That small house she lived in would’ve been flattened.


I read the book and hated it because it was so unrealistic. I couldn’t wait until the book was done and didn’t understand the high praise for it.