movies just as bad

movies like american beauty and the orphan must get this much attention as well because they're just as bad, absolutely disgusting


I don't think Cuties or American Beauty or Orphan are bad, but if you are looking for controversial films involving kids/teens, here are some recommendations:

Child Bride
Fat Girl
Pretty Baby
Taxi Driver


American Beauty is nothing. The object of the man's affection in this movie is over 18 and just playing a school girl. Although, Thora Birch was 17 when she did the nude scene in AB.

Orphan is controversial though because the girl really is underage.

But anyhow... here's a few that are just as controversial... maybe more...

12 And Holding (2005)

Little Lips (1978)

My Little Princess (2011)

Bastard Out Of Carolina (1996)

Kids (1995)

Hounddog (2007)

Pretty Baby (1978)

There's a lot more out there but these are probably the ones that caused the most controversy.


not sure i want to contribute to this. OP reads like a closet pedophile attempt at getting fapping material recommendations.

and saying 'american beauty' didn't get enough attention is plain stupid - it won 5 oscars. it just didn't get any negative attention, because despite of your claims there's nothing bad/disgusting about the movie. same goes for 'orphan' which was a pretty well received horror flick.


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