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Renewed For A Second Season

CBS has renewed this for a second season. Tonight’s episode, 1.8, makes it clear that the show is about the family tree of Hell. It is living up to its title. Amped up X-Files? Really? Two Skeptics, not 1: 1 from medicine, the other from physics, computer science and electrical engineering. Really? When did Mulder investigate Hell? Sheesh!

The good news is that CBS believes in this.

I’m glad we got to see more of Ben in this ep. He is a very likable character, and his gf is so right for him. I also like his sister. Andy, Kristen’s hubby, is welcomingly ingratiating, to my relieved surprise, imperfect as he (and all of us) may be. He is intelligent and loving. I will be unhappy when he meets his fate, which is obviously what the narrative wants me to be.

This is starting to generate the richness of narrative I’d hoped and wanted from the start.


Nobody cares about which characters you like and dislike. It matters to no one.....


A declarative sentence ends with a period, not with an elipses series. And The Runaway Bride still sucks ass, but not in a good way.


Plus, tonight's episode with Ben's story contains one the most important teaching moments anyone is ever to encounter:

A smokin' bod ALWAYS trumps any sort of lunacy your date may be displaying.