Is Martha likable?

I'm bugged by 2 shady things she did that someone innocent wouldn't do unless I completely misunderstood it.

- was she the one who had an affair with Ransom's father?

- and wasn't she the one who convinced the grandfather to disinherit his entire family?

Also for a supposedly practicing Catholic, seeing a hanging rosary on her rearview mirror, she often takes the name of God in vain. So unlike the character, very weird.


if i remember correctly, we were shown the back of the head of the woman who was having the affair with richard. i certainly didn't think it was in any way implied at any point that marta was the other woman. i make no claim to catching every detail of a film, & there was so much detail in this film that it's easy to believe something got past me, but i don't recall such a thing being shown or implied.

& the same would go for the inheritance. as i recall, we only know that harlan does not want to leave his estate to his family, for the reasons the film took the time to lay out: they were shifty, unethical, ungrateful, not deserving.

the film takes pains to show marta as a sweet, pure, uncompromised person who can't tell a lie without getting sick, so doing those things would be against the nature of the character as she's shown to us.


Correct. Besides, the woman photographed next to Richard seemed more Asian in appearance.


I often thought it was her too having the affair, same kind of hair and color.

In time she will become just like Harlan's family anyways. Money always corrupts the corruptible. If she was willing to cover up a murder than she is corruptible.

I still think it was a dick move to completely cut out his family from the will, certainly he could have taken other steps to keep them in the will. Its his own fault anyways for letting them become totally dependent on him and his money.


Not only that but your children are a reflection of who you are as a parent. You can't excuse one bad sheep if all had issues, but I was most sympathetic to the son who was running his company and found himself at 40-50yrs old out of a job.

As for assuming she was the one having the affair, I guess I assumed that based on both Harlan and detective questioning her particularly about it. And I agree the family may be d!cks but a caregiver convincing the patriarch to disinherit them doesn't make them less of a d!ck either. I thought the twist would be a reveal that she conned them all tbh.