Nikki and Gus

I was surprised that Nikki and Gus didn't say anything to Sarah's mom. I would have, after I saw the dance incident at least.
Even if Sarah had said she was breaking up with Rob, I still wouldn't take chances.

They DEFINITELY should have said something before Sarah was missing!

The fact that Nikki didn't do more to help her friend must be eating her alive to this day :(


I agree. Nikki should have talked to her mom and said something. If she was really a friend, she should have helped her somehow...



Good! And when Sarah threatened to end her friendship with Nikki if she told, that was a sacrifice Nikki should have made. If I were Nikki, I would rather lose Sarah as a friend than stand over her coffin wondering what I could have done to save her life. People, please like the judge said in the end, you have the responsibility.