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Lol the abusive boyfriend in this remake was way too over the top

Fred Savage played the role much better and more subtle in the original, the guy in this remake was laughable when he raged out, as i said it just felt over the top and ridiculous.

I didn't watch the whole movie but i noticed this on the guide and thought it was the original and turned it over to it and realized they remade it. So out of curiosity i watched a few minutes of it and as i said the guy playing the abusive boyfriend was terrible. There was a scene where his girlfriend comes by his house while his mom is home and the guy practically beats her down in his yard for coming over while she was there.

For those who have seen the original you know what i mean, Fred Savage would get pissed and hit her yes but he wouldn't rage out like this idiot and scream like he was on roid rage or something. And Fred hid his anger better and covered it up better, whereas this guy would just i dunno turn his anger up to 15 and explode.

Basically Fred Savage came off like a genuine real life abusive boyfriend and this guy in the remake came off like beginner actor acting how he thinks an actor should play an abusive boyfriend. Fred Savage gave me the creeps in the original, he played it so realistic and cold.


I thought he played the role very well. Thats the way the abusers are. They are perfectly fine one moment and the least little thing sets them off.


Nah this dude was just over the top, no subtlety at all, just "AHHHHH!!! I"M AN ABUSER!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!" we get it dude take it back a few notches, go watch Fred Savage in the original and take some notes.