Could have been great.

Firstly, hats off to the makers of this documentary, 80's action films are to be remembered and cherished for sure. (maybe give a pass to those awful cannon group. ninja films.) Hopefully this doc will spark some interest to those truly great original films like like Robocop and Total Recall and people will forget the remakes.

Other than a sweet slice of nostalgia this documentary has little to offer, topics jump around without clear narrative, and some of the interviews are too drawn out and boring.

The 80's are covered pretty thorougly and contain some fun little inside information but when we get to the 1990's the the film almost comes to a screeching halt and leaves out a ton of information. The Rock (1996) is barely mentioned! Jackie Chan's filmography is also severly lacking and Dolph Lundgren is not even interviewed! The 90's segment also skips a chunk of Van Damme's the straight-to-video films and Steven Seagal's introduction in 1988.

I feel the same way towards Score (the film music documentary) as i do with this one, the premise is great but too much is left out and the finished product feels rushed.