Interesting Remake

Interesting remake but, it takes cues from Black Mirror and Terminator 2.

The scene where Andy advises Chucky on moral boundaries is heavily reminiscent of when John Connor does so with the T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

The AI spin on the Chucky character has nods to many Black Mirror episodes such as 'Black Museum' and 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too'.

At times, there were references to Stranger Things, Super 8 and E.T.

Still very creepy.


Those are some interesting observations, I thought it was a pretty decent horror remake and found Mark Hamill to be a worthy replacement for Brad Dourif.


Thanks. Yeah, I do have a lot of respect for Mark Hamill with the amount of iconic characters he has played. Sufficed to say, Kaslan (the IT/AI company) is to Childs Play as TCKR/Smartelligence (the IT/AI company) is to Black Mirror.