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Surprisingly good reimagining and best CP movie since the first 3

a surprisingly good reimagining! i like the character since i was 6 seeing the original in theaters and saw 2 in theaters when i was 8 and i felt the last good Child's Play film was 3 (which i saw in theaters as a kid) which was the last time Chucky was a scary and threatening character then after that Don Mancini lost his touch on writing after 3.

Bride of Chucky was the beginning of the downward fall of the franchise as with that, Seed, Curse and Cult the character and franchise became a complete joke no thanks to Don Mancini who's writing got worse. I mean at least Bride had some nice visuals and good direction by Ronny Yu but fell flat on the script and tries to be scary and funny but fails at that even with unlikable characters as the first 3 had likable characters you cared about and then Seed, Curse and Cult came along as Mancini proves he can't direct for crap and doesn't know what he hell he's doing as he's such an amateur director who became a hack and more unlikable characters and lame stuff. And Cult of Chucky was really awful as it killed the franchise even with that stupid cheat code crap, making Andy a complete idiot ruining the character, breaking the established rules of the first 3 films and all as it wasn't even scary, awful acting, poor production values and that image of Chucky about to be buried by an asylum patient to be buried as he flips off the camera and be buried is a foreshadowing of the funeral process of the franchise, it died after that and even Douriff sounded bored as Chucky in that movie as i can tell in his voice "i'm a talented actor and i'm tired of playing this stupid killer doll and need other roles".

I really enjoyed this new take on the franchise! the kid was quite likable and the mother too, i liked how Chucky was a practical effect and i like the idea of a killer AI than a possessed doll which was done to death already. It really gave me a vibe of that Simpsons episode with Funzo and Small Soldiers, it was something fresh and new. Nice make up and gore effects and has a vibe of Stranger Things to it. Mark Hamil is quite good as the new voice of Chucky and all.

I like that it did different things unlike the Elm Street remake which was just a lame near copy of the original movie and added nothing new but also steal lines from the other films. I like that this made Chucky actually scary again. It was also better than Rob Zombie's Halloween remake which suffered from unlikable characters and bad writing.

I hope for a sequel as that could be good and this is an example of how to do a remake right. It’s so nice to see a remake do something new and fresh instead of just copying the original like Poltergeist, Elm Street and some. Nice to see Chucky be serious like the first 3 films, sure there's levity here and so did the first 3 and it's not a straight up parody like the last 4.

Bravo for the filmmakers to make the best Child's Play movie since the first 3 and making Chucky scary again


LOL no. I just finished watching this one and was fairly disappointed by it. It started out well enough but around the 25 minute mark I checked my watch for the first time and just grew more bored from there.

Bride of Chucky is 10x more entertaining than this film. You say that Bride was "the beginning of the downward fall." Seed was definitely disappointing, but Bride itself was a hell of a lot of fun. Jennifer Tilly was so fucking great in that film. Of all the Child's Play movies, that's the only one that I feel the desire to rewatch periodically, and it's definitely much better than this remake.


Bride of Chucky is a comedy film, this film is 10x better than Bride of Chucky. A great re imagining. Much more believable that Chucky is an out of control AI than a doll possessed by a human soul. The best Chucky film since the first, possibly better than the first. The first film has nostalgia appeal, but when you compare the re-imagining and the original the original is more believable. Not like the first film was a freaking masterpiece. I think you're stuck in your nostalgia. And if you weren't you'd realize that Bride of Chucky is not a good movie at all.


I agree, I wasn't expecting much. I saw the first Child's Play when it first aired on HBO when I was a child. Maybe 8 or 9 years old when I saw it. The movie has nostalgia for me. But going back to watch it in years present I realize it's not the greatest of films and most of my love for it is nostalgia. The imagining was really well done. Much more believable that a killer doll is an evil AI rather than a doll possessing the soul of a human being. I liked the movie and I've been a Child's Play fan for 30 years. I owned a replica "Sideshow Collectible" doll that looked exactly like Chucky from the original series, not the lame doll that Spencers sold from the Bride of Chucky with all the scars and stitches on the face. The movies took a turn for the worse with the Bride Of Chucky, I'm glad they did a reboot and did it right. Most reboots tend to suck, like Total Recall and Robocop, but the new Child's Play is just as good if not better than the original. And this is coming from a 30 year fan of the original series of movies.


THANKS for a very well thought out review.
I guess I can say this since I agree with much of what you have said here.
Foe ME, the first (and second) Childs play movies worked because mosy people, dont like seeing young kids in peril. I know I am very much like this.
I have rated Alex Vincent as one of the best YOUNG kids in a horror movie and seeing him being threatened by Chucky made me very uncomfortable and I related to his plight of trying to convince adults that the doll was alive and killing people. Who would believe him.
By the time we reached the 3rd installment it was loosing its "punch" with me. I missed Alex Vincent and his character was recast as around 13 yo. A slightly younger boy became the target but it just wasn't the same.

What I liked about the reboot was the fact that THIS plot is believable; unlike the idea of a serial killer transferring his soul into a doll. The idea of technology being sabotaged and turning on people makes a lot more sense. It also explains why a boy of 13 would be interested in a doll that was more like a robot that could do things and manipulate the environment by interacting with other technology. It makes sense and it makes sense that a kid would like this.
It uses a similar idea of putting a child in peril and his trying to convince adults that the doll is taking over and causing all kinds of death and destruction.
Gabriel Bateman is a likable kid and a good choice for Andy. I really liked him in the movie "Lights Out". Again we can sympathize with his character.

The movie was well thought out. It stretches the imagination a bit but it doesn't try to sell us on an impossible scenario like a soul of a serial killer in a doll.
Its a really well thought out remake which almost serves as a warning about technology taking over our lives in a bad way.


I feel like most child actors aren't great actors probably just because they are young...

But Bateman was stellar in this. He really carried the movie.

Remake was waaaaay better then the original. A lot of bitter old farts on here that hate remakes out of principle.