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Doesn't look half-bad at all

Just when i was hoping this franchise would just die, this actually gave me some hope from the trailer and doesn't look half-bad.

From the looks of the trailer, it doesn't look half-bad and as a fan of practical effects, i'm glad they are making a comeback and using practical for chucky And all.

I didn't hate this teaser. Which is quite a shocker. I liked it. Yes. It is another horror remake, but I really liked the fact that this teaser really did not give that much away.

I liked the song choice and how it was edited, the kid looks like he is pretty decent, Aubrey Plaza in a role like this is intriguing, the lighting in the trailer was nice. I loved the use of reds and blues. And overall the idea behind it I don't mind. It's like Child's Play meets Small Soldiers. And it most definitely looks like it will be a hard R. I liked seeing the bits of practical effects.

It is not any worse or as insulting as Don Mancini's last 4 sequels. So yeah, it looked interesting to me. I was curious about it anyway. So this teaser definitely helped pique my interest. I am still very leery of it but I am going to give it a chance. The voodoo thing has been done to death and this is doing something completely different just like The Blob or Fly remakes did or Dawn of the Dead did, i like what i saw.