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Pretty Good... Do You Agree? (S P O I L E R S)

I liked this mystery thriller.

It was a bit slow in development, dropped a bunch of jargon, and I didn't expect much from the protagonist, Marty (Beau Knapp). I stuck with it though due to my "Movie Music Theory." That is, a good movie never has bad music, and vice-versa.

The tension did mount, and the bad guys were sufficiently scary, especially "Viktor" (Joseph Siprut), the one who gives that faint smile. I liked "Earl," the helpful techie friend, played by Jeremie Harris.

There are sufficient twists to test one's intelligence, the family story is solid and Kurt Russell always adds something positive to his films. It's nice to see him on screen again.

I thought "Katie" (Alexis Bledel) the love interest's role, was a bit weak. Two other women in the film were stronger, mainly due to what was on the page.

A bit player really caught my eye: Marieli Minuti as "Anna." I hope to see her again on screen.

There were very minor plot holes, which I'm sure others will tear apart. I suspended disbelief enough that they didn't bother me.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a Jack Reacher type film, but doesn't need a lot of physical violence. The mental kind can be exciting, too.


I watched it until the end. It's not great but watchable. I found it a bit too difficult to understand all the details of doing the scheme. I felt a bit stupid watching this movie :)