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Bannon is great but...

Little else is good in this show. His young Alfred portrayal is very good. I like him and, at first, his two friends. Everything else is over the top acting and mediocre to terrible writing. Some characters are nothing more than delivery systems for accents and jargon. Much like its sister shows, it has pasted-in R content for seemingly no other reason than to lay claim to EDGE.

It got worse and worse until I had to drop it. Gotham was better and that show sucked.


Well I'm still watching it and will finish out the season... Not sure I will go beyond that though. I agree with a lot of what you say about it. The sex and violence doesn't serve any purpose beyond getting the MA tag connected to it... I have no problems with graphic sex scenes or bloody violence in a movie when it needs to be there.... but in this show it is only done as you say to try and be edgy which it isn't in a time when the internet gives a person access to any of it they might ever want with a mouse click.

The biggest problem I'm seeing is that the pacing has gotten slower and slower with each episode. It started out with a fast enough pacing that you could ignore the problems and just view it as popcorn entertainment... but it has started moving the story, what little there is of one at a snail's pace. Maybe because the writers didn't have much of a story to start with so they just took a single idea and have tried to stretch it out over the season... well the story is too thin for that and all they have done is started boring people.

An example would be Pennyworth trying to find the killer of his fiance... That's really only good for 1 maybe two episodes, yet they are stringing it out to the point that the viewer stops even caring or remembering who the victim of the murder was. Hell 7th episode and he still hasn't gotten hold of the bad guy.


It's decent but a little over the top.

Gotham was the best show on TV for a few years, and it was WAY over the top. Their Penguin and Riddler were exceptional.