Danny the Street

Danny was always a very cool idea in the DP comic. Great story. It was several issues in before they noticed that the gun store, hunting supply, etc shops were all rimed with flowers and pink. Danny's queer identity was an amusing, non-plot, add on that fit the scenario. But leave it to Burlanti to take that piece of the story and rush it to the fore and make the entirety of the Danny story about transgender empowerment. The topic is in there in the original but it was a subtle aside. Danny was a refuge for anyone. In Burlanti World LGBTQ is highest priority above all story elements.
Danny was always a super cool character. On this show he is a side kick to the crossdressing Mora Lee Korrupt who absorbs the entire hour and even delivers some trans-jargon riddled moral-of-the-story speech that feels like it has nothing to do with the amazing intelligent street the story is supposed to be about.
I still enjoy the show but its flaws are embarrassingly typical of its runner.