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Unrelenting brilliance

Visceral, chaotic, disturbing, nauseous, terrifying, colourful, outrageous, brilliant. Noe seems to shock and delight and equal measure. There are very long drawn out takes, amazingly choreographed dance scenes, hellish and horrifying images, a pulsating soundtrack but it all gets cooked into to a completely immersive piece of masterful cinema.

The narrative is not straightforward, and seems to focus on a comment on modern French society / diaspora but also shows a take on the paradise > purgatory > hell tale that mainly revolves around sex. In that respect it's definitely for the audience to make up there own mind what Noe wants to tell us. There are alot of things placed backwards in this film. Maybe Noe is trying to tell us we're not living our lives correctly.

It's a must see for any fan of Noe or art house. What an experience.




Just saw it. Wow, the dancing was incredible!