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Egor and Yana (believable?)

Am I the only one who's Egor and Yana "teenage love story line" annoyed? It seemed completely unnecessary to the series and I had trouble buying into it from the start: The cute girl, evolving in a thuggish environment, that just bumps into this, lets be frank, ugly kid that she doesn't know and instantly falls in love and invites him to the underground criminal club of her brother almost immediately... I just didn't find that believable at all.

Everything else in the series I found quite alright. But it's almost like they had to put that teenage love angle there to keep teens interested in the series. To me it was superfluous. Or maybe it's the actors chemistry that wasn't there... I don't know.


Yeah in real life, the woman who played Svetlana has a hunk for a husband. Maybe they do that so average guys will take more interest in the series.