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What the hell am I even watching?

This has to be the most confusing movie ever.

Is it a kids movie? Is it an adult movie?

Kids being sworn at, acting a bit overtly... Racist overtones and sexual innuendo in all corners.. yet at a funsy camp gathering.. I don't know what to think and I'm only 12 minutes in.

If the aliens look like rubbish, I'm gonna have to call it time.. If on the other hand, they are rubbish and still deliver, then I just might stick it out.

So far the ginger kid is the only one whose facial acting merits the reason to remain... and he's the picked on nerd. And he's friggen ginger. :o

Oo I legit don't know what this is all about. and I don't even have any popcorn.. so this bowl of corn flakes, no milk, covered in hot melted butter will have to suffice.

^ my seriously confused look.

*ps, if there is a further edit to this to reveal how brilliant or indeed dire this is, remains to be seen..*

-- Watched it now. Retarded. I am now 100% retarded. Nothing will ever be the same. this sort of shit should be illegal. I hope I die in a fire, just to be sure. god help me.... he won't save this..


I liked it


I have a 6 yr old, and thought this looked like something I can show him. I watched it first to make sure and my goodness, you are correct in being confused. A bunch of kids saving the world with cheesy dialogue doesn't hold an adults' interest, and at the same time, you can't show it to your children because of all the stupid sex innuendos. They should have made it completely clean and allow little kids to enjoy this, or go with adults and make a more serious movie. This movie seems to target the junior high population?


I am still perplexed as to which target audience it was directed..

It was almost like some bizarre manga cartoon irl really... replete with everything manga is known for.

est quod est, I've seen Big Man Japan, nothing delves into madness more than that... oO