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Interesting movie with a twist that can seen upfront *SPOILERS*

Badla is a revenge story of an accident turned into a murder (copied from Hollywood "I Know What You Did Last Summer") with a couple more Hollywood plots intertwined.
The overall mismash is a pretty entertaining affair well acted by Amitach Bachchan and the female who appears malevolent just from her face.

The plot is not that convoluted but there are attempts near the end to make it appear like some interwoven intricate deep mystery. However it is unraveled very quickly and satisfyingly.

I thought apart from Amitabh who was amazing, the rest of the cast were pretty wooden and kinda bad. The female villain was meh. Amrita Singh was decent but tends to be quite monotonic.

You can clearly see who the great thespians are (Amitabh, Amrita) vs rookie amateurs who are just not made for movies (the lead villains, others).

I thought the plot of the movie was well directed, without stupid songs interrupting stuff, and the pace was nice and tight. ~2 hr movies are ideal imo instead of adding 7-8 x 5-6min songs and making it a near 3 hr movie which gets boring and irritating.

Rated: 7.5/10