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Early Buzz: This Is the ‘Star Wars’ Series You’ve Been Waiting For

Over in Los Angeles, Lucasfilm held a press junket for the upcoming series premiere of the first live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. The show will debut on the new Disney+ streaming service when it launches on November 12, but some lucky members of the press at the junket were treated to 27-minutes of footage from the series. Thankfully, any surprises have been held back, but the first reactions to the footage are all over the moon, claiming this is an exciting return to the style of the original Star Wars trilogy. Read some of The Mandalorian early reactions below.

It feels as though it takes as much from Yojimbo as it does A Fistful of Dollars… which might not make sense when you remember one is a remake of another, but they are different. #themandalorian

Reliving my childhood Saturday mornings watching Star Wars. The 30 so minutes of #TheMandalorian footage we saw was incredibly cool. The samurai-infused space western you've always wanted with an ice cold lead, a bunch of rad creatures, and a killer score @ludwiggoransson ?

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Cant wait for this , great cast, follows the OT, more hyped for this than TROS