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Is Disney success built on John Favreau's shoulders?

Biggest Disney asset has been the Marvel Movies. Until Iron Man, the whole superhero genre was a bag of hit and miss. Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010), both from Favreau, established the formula that defined the whole Marvel cycle: light, optimistic, dancing constantly between action, drama and comedy.

Second Disney biggest asset now is the remake of old animated movies from the Disney golden eras. It started with an unexpected success that established the formula for these live-actions remakes: Jungle Book (2016). The director? John Favreau.

Now it seems that Disney is trying to recover the franchise through The Mandalorian. Actually, the trailer of the series was released BEFORE the trailer of the Rise of the Skywalker movie, which suggest this series is their only hope, and that it has priority over the movie. Who's the showrunner? John Favreau.

Quite interesting, isn't it?


Now it seems that Disney is trying to recover the franchise through The Mandalorian

A Disney+ series is the only hope for Star Wars??? That’s a stretch.

Jon Favreau isn’t going to marry you, bro.





Here is the guy you have to thank for all of it


Yes. It is.

Ironman remains the best superhero film.

Mandalorian will likely stand as one of the best if not the best Star Wars story yet, primarily because it looks to be made for adults, while all the other Star Wars content seems aimed more toward kids/tween/teens. The Mandalorian looks to be the franchise that those of us who were kids when ANH/ESB/ROTJ opened in theatres. We've outgrown Star Wars' need to focus on building a kid fanbase, and excuse hokey characters and performances.

This might be a series to keep adults as fans.



One comment, though. Probably The Mandalorian will be a good series, but I don't see a formula they can repeat as they did in Marvel movies. Favreau is using a more mature, more western-like approach.

The problem with western is that it requires independent and skilled directors and more mature voices. Action movies? You hire some pros, give them the guidelines and they'll make a good one. That's the way Disney works... but that doesn't work well with western. I see an (possibly) interesting series here, but I don't see a formula for future Star Wars.


I don't understand how it's not repeatable. He's a bounty hunter and every season could be a new bounty or every episode could be a new bounty.

OR, and I would prefer that this is the case, the end of season one of The Mandalorian sets up Kenobi episode one and viewers just roll into that for a season, then maybe circle back to the Mandalorian for another season or else it's a completely new character that is set up in Kenobi who is the person season 3 is about... It'd be a very rapid way of expanding the Star Wars universe, each with their own side worlds to tell stories in, and whole new lines of merchandising for each season.


I don't understand how it's not repeatable. He's a bounty hunter and every season could be a new bounty or every episode could be a new bounty.

Some genres are easy to replicate (to repeat) because they have a formula that can be applied again and again with minimal variations and decent outcome. For example, you blend urban fantasy and horror, and then apply the formula 'monster of the week', and you can repeat the formula for seasons without problem.

Another example is detective stories, with the 'crime of the week' episode. Series like that, you have dime a dozen. They're extremely easy to repeat, and many of them are quite good.

Western, on the other hand, that's not easy to repeat. Think about famous westerns, most of them were directed by guys like John Ford, Howard Hawks, Anthony Mann... extremely skilled directors. If you just hire some guys and ask them to make a western, or a western in space, chances are the result will be crap.

I think The Mandalorian is gonna be a good series... because Favreau is the guy in charge. Other guys that could make a decent space-western in Disney? the Russos, and... well, that's it.

Definitely, this formula is not repeatable.


The marvel movies are sucking right now in quality. Despite all you fannerds running out to see them on opening day....they are getting silly to the point of PURE CAMP...🙄🙄🙄


I blame The Avengers film... since that third act was basically just a big indecipherable melee, and because the film did so well, all the films that followed have been the same. Even DC films jumped on the 'ignore 3rd act story, replace with 45min fight nonsense' with Man of Steel, Aquaman, WonderWoman, and Dawn of Justice.


Actually it kinda started with all the films have got to have classic music and extremely silly moments ..


And a little bit of Kenneth Branagh.
That guy also gave Disney two very important films : Cinderella and Thor and I could actually see him becoming part of the Star Wars franchise two.

If they ever return to a new republic with a good or good emperor the film could be focused on that and that we’ll get a Star Wars show or movie directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Mmm I starting to think if we ever get a new trilogy probably should be directed by him(Branagh) the man clearly knows how to work with fantasy and is very capable of telling good stories.

One of the most perfect directors to do a good blockbuster.


Agreed. Branagh would be a great choice, series or movies. I'm more kind of his early movies (Mush Ado About Nothing is perhaps my favorite comedy ever, or at least it's in the top)... but he's still damn good.

I don't see it happening, though. For some reason, Branagh seems like the reserve director in Disney.


He understands the importance of a good story but also takes care of the visual appeal.

I loved Cinderella. He did a masterful job with this movie, it’s my favorite live action remake even though I’m not a huge fan original animated movie.
But that one was perfect keeping the essence of the whole and not forcing the girl power just keeping it fun and making us feel the magic of a Disney Classic.

With Thor.
He did a wonderful job creating Asgard and chose the best actors for each role in that movie.

I don’t know if it’s something marvel always had but I liked how they made a smalll wink to the legend of King Arthur with thor’s hammer.

So for Branagh doing Star Wars I’m almost sure he can save the Franchise.