Just really bad writing. This movie makes me never want to see another time-travel movie again. It's always the same shit. Travel back in time to avert a disaster. I think that creative well ran dry a long time ago

And it deals with political issues in such a half-assed way. Feels like it was added just to raise the stakes and justify the very contrived central concept

A time-traveling serial killer. That's it, such a cool idea, who cares how we get ourselves from A to B? Let's just throw together as many genre cliches as we need in order to build a semi-coherent story

Murder innocent civilians in order to prevent a war that will result in much more death. Ok, that's an interesting, morally-complex idea that raises many questions about whether doing bad things for the greater good is right or wrong. Lets properly explore these morally murky waters...wait a sec...NAHHH fuck it, let's just tack it on as an afterthought. It's a sci-fi movie for adults, we'll just let the pretentious bastards watching this movie fill in the blanks we leave behind themselves. We "raised interesting questions", our job here is done


I love movies that use imaginary history as their basis. Sarcasm.

Decent acting, though.