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Interesting, slow in parts

It was not bad. Different from other spy thrillers. The main character wasn’t a martial arts trained assassin, but a somewhat cool headed, multilingual lady with an international upbringing.

I liked the main storyline of her infiltrating this Iranian energy firm, but then the writers tossed in this bizarre sidestory about smuggling a truck bomb into Tehran. That whole sequence didn’t make sense. Why ask their school teacher cover operative to do this? What was the point of the Kurdish meet up when she seemed to be driving it most of the way? Why did she drive it so recklessly, knowing it was just one big bomb? Then there is an assault that she reports to no one about.

The ending was open-ended too which was annoying because this film was not good enough to end like that. There was not enough character development to give much meaning to it.

Still, an different angle on the well-trodded spyflick genre.