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My review of "The Operative": a spy drama that focuses on humanity

ALMOST by definition, films about spies can’t be realistic. The sight of a group of nerds sitting in a room reading files and making notes or sitting, bored, in a car for hours, waiting for something to happen is enough to send anyone to the exit (with a few exceptions, like Tomas Alfredson's ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ and Yoon Jong-bin's ‘The Spy Gone North’). As John le Carré once said, spying is waiting, and long hours of diligence and patience are punctuated by minutes of frenetic activity.

‘The Operative’, written and directed by Yuval Adler from Yiftach R. Atir’s novel, ‘The English Teacher’, falls into this category - but that isn’t a bad thing.

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