Lots of action but

The series generally keeps the pacing up but Llenn could have just reported M and Pito and been done with it. The story seems unnecessary.
Other issues I had:
* didn't like the squeaky voices
* it's an online shooter, of course people are going to enjoy virtual killing, at times show treats the antagonists as immoral or at least amoral for being enthusiastic. I felt like the writers have never actually played shooters.
* it's weird the protagonists uses a prepubescent avatar in an adult game then goes around calling everyone a pervert. Honestly I kinda felt like Karen was the perv.
* the characters were a bit shallow and Miya comes out of nowhere to play a big role.
* anyone who has combat training, played FPS, paintball, or laser tag knows you can't run across open ground toward shooters. I realize it's a cartoon but I feel a shooter based anime should get that right.