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First episode was not too bad

It could be my nostalgia for Michael Chiklis, but I enjoyed it. Essentially it starts with him walking into a courtroom and the backstory of why he is there unfolds in flashbacks as the judge hears from both the DA and the defense. In the end the judge gives a verdict. I suspect every episode will be one-and-done cases like this.

Some decent acting from him and Jill Hennessey(!). A couple exciting plot twists. Solid production values.

Here's your random stranger's opinion - Worth a shot if you're looking for something new.


First episode was phenomenal. The pace, the acting, the story.

Plot twists were good.


People never pay attention how hard is it for parents of mass murderers. Here we have a parent that knows his son is evil, soulless monster that will hurt someone. And he cant do nothing about it. They even mentioned how he went to police with journal and they didnt do anything. And the when it happened eveyone are like: " Why parents didnt do anything?"

Usually they just cant. There is no law for them to put him in prison and when people are born as crazy sociopaths - no doctors can do anything about it. They put him to doctors and he resented them and doctors didnt help.

The only thing society can do in those situations I think is that schools must expel boys whenever there are suspicions that he might be future killer. Whenever there is journal, stranger creepy emo behavior - immediate expel and black list so that no American school can take him. Let him go on home schooling. That way he wont interact with other school children, no one will be mean to him and he wont be angry at everything.


Unfortunately you can't expel someone for being suspicious or potentially a future criminal. And very few, relatively, parents are available or prepared for home schooling. This problem is far more complex.