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Each episode gets your feelers.

Surprised there isn't a post for each episode here. Back in the day I used to peruse the EZTV forums and lament on episodes as they came, in line with many others...

I'm not religious, but I dig this show.. has a nice feel to it, even if it's goofy, and forgives so many things. just has a nice empathy to it.

Maybe it's the ... WINE IN MASSIVE AMOUNTS.... that I seem to imbibe.. *hic*.. or maybe it's just a strange twist away from everything else, a nice story, a nice tale, but I find myself with a smile at the end of these stories.

can't be a bad thing hey? soothing the savage beast, so to speak.. not with music, but a wonder that something coincidental happens, even if in another realm, that of television, that brings about a slight change.

*pours wine* ... or it's just I get a little bit goofy when I'm a little bit over the limit.. ;)

I think we should go with that.. OO