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Took far too long the parents to realize

They knew from the start that they took him from a spaceship, so they should’ve always had the sense that something might be off about him.

The mother saw him sleepwalking, trying to reach the ship while chanting stuff.

The father saw him chewing the fork, bending it thereby. They saw all the weird stuff under his bed. They had the incident where he broke the little girl’s hand.

And even when they found the blood covered shirt, the mother still insisted it wasn’t the boy. When the sheriff comes asking about the boy, the mother acts like an idiot.

Had they realized it sooner, the mother could have remembered that the ship cut him. Then he could have killed him.


That was my biggest thing. I think there was even a "we don't know that it was Brandon" comment made by the mother there after she knew full well things were off.


Y’all like Kate Bush these days?
The kids today, getting into Bush?
Well there’s a song on Hounds of Love called Mother Stands for Comfort ….

“ She knows that I've been doing something wrong
But she won't say anything
She thinks that I was with my friends yesterday
But she won't mind me lying
Mother stands for comfort
Mother will hide the murderer
It breaks the cage
And fear escapes and takes possession”


His father seemed to realize something was off with him fairly early on. His mother is the one who was in denial and kept making excuses.