worst dceu b.o opening in history looooooooool. down, down, down from it's $55 million predictions

worse dceu opening in history with 33+ million dollars. lowest opening day for a dceu film being reported in overseas countries in italy, vietnam, france, south korea, russia. basically warner bros goofed up with their woke marketing and it's falling flat on its face. heads must roll!

'get woke, go broke' haha. well unless you're captain marvel but everyone knows the mcu crushes the dceu in terms of box office and critical/audience reception so the same rules don't apply.


What a fail. I thought it would do much better.



WB's Birds of Prey is flying much lower than expected, bringing in an estimated $13 million (including $4 million from previews) on Friday with expectations for a debut around $32-33 million. The performance is far lower than all expectations, including WB's $45 million pre-weekend figure.

The usual estimation was about $50-60m for the OW. It's gonna be about half of it. That's a big flop.

PS It's not that clear that Captain Marvel succeeded. It's possible and even probable that Disney decided to self-buy tickets to promote the narrative. WB doesn't have as much money as Disney, though.


Captain marvel made a lot of money because it’s MARVEL. The foundation has been laid and the table has been set for marvel films.

Birds of prey had one thing going for it up front, Harley Quinn. So they should have named the damn movie Harley Quinn!! Huge mistake


Captain Marvel was allegedly the most profitable in the Marvel franchise.

If that was true and there were no tricks... where's the sequel? Are you telling me that being the (allegedly) most profitable movie in the franchise, they're not interested in making more money?




Nope. They put some writer to write a script, that's all. There's no date, no cast, no director. Nothing but a guy writing a script, just in case. The movie is not confirmed.

That, one year after the (allegedly) most profitable movie of the franchise.

To compare, with Guardians of the Galaxy (much less profitable than Captain Marvel IF the Captain Marvel numbers were legit), it took 24H to announce the sequel. To compare with DC: with Joker, the sequel was announced a few weeks after the movie release, and both Todd Phillips and Phoenix are confirmed.

It's not only the empty theaters in Captain Marvel, or the exact repetitive pattern in seat buying (like a bot buying the exact same seats over and over in different sessions). Mostly, the problem is that the reaction doesn't correspond with the movie being a success. And it happened something similar with Black Panther, the other (allegedly) great success in the franchise... that took almost two years to confirm the sequel.




Nothing is confirmed for Joker. There was a false report that Phillips has refuted.


You seriously think there’s not a sequel coming?


I seriously think that it took them almost a year to announce officially they were working in a sequel of the allegedly most profitable movie of the franchise. And I think that because those are the facts.

And I think that's really odd and unlikely... if that movie was really such a success.


The problem is...Harley Quinn sucks. She’s an annoying character, and she’s a sidekick character who’s basis is being brainwashed and manipulated by The Joker. She is obsessed with The Joker and will do anything for him. That is Harley Quinn. Expecting a film to do well with Harley Quinn as the lead character? It just wasn’t going to happen, feminism or not.


She was also a villain not a hero... From the promos it looked like they tried to make her a hero which was the reason I passed on watching it. It is bad enough when the movies twist the way a character looks for no apparent reason but then when they make a good guy a bad guy or a bad guy a good guy, it just never works. You can't redefine a character that has been on side of the line for decades with the flip of a switch but that's what the movie producers thought they could do.

I suppose the movie may have been viewed more favorably by the critics because most of them wouldn't know a comic book from an instruction manual so they had no history of the character beyond the last crap movie suicide squad.


PS It's not that clear that Captain Marvel succeeded. It's possible and even probable that Disney decided to self-buy tickets to promote the narrative. WB doesn't have as much money as Disney, though.

I hope this is just an Awful attempt to Hate on Disney/Marvel in which you know theres no truth to it but you just couldnt help but say it

But if you even believe theres an OUNCE of truth to it, Then dear lord you need to start meeting with FLAT EARTHERS

The sheer Logistics behind what would have to happen in order for a conspiracy like this to take place is MIND BOGGLING and literally makes it impossible...

The amount of people, High Ranking Industry Professional form RIVAL Companies that would have to be involved in this in order for Marvel/Disney to fake/buy there own tickets Is simply equivalent to "The earth is flat"

Then Theres the Dozens of websites that report box office numbers which all would have to be in on the conspiracy or the professionals they get their box office stats from would have to have all of a sudden ALL become STUNNINGLY Incompetent at their jobs all at the same exact time.

I havent been active on these board lately, But I think I do kinda remember you(Kuku) on the CM board actually trying to make these claims when CM came out....which for me, takes this into SAD category, again when I first read this, I was just assuming you were trolling and couldnt possibly believe the trash you were puking out....But once I started Typing my response, It felt familiar and I somewhat remembered, "Oh wait, I think this jackass is serious because I THINK remember this poster making the same conspiracy claims when the movie came out"

Bottom Line....for whatever reason, your hatred for the movie,company or studio has Lead you down a SAD, Lonely road where you turned delusional ....

forgetting just for a second the sheer scale and impossibility of a conspiracy like this to take place, the final Nail in the coffin to "If Captain Marvel really succeeded or not and if the box office numbers are correct" are Disney's Quarterly earning reported for When CM came out, which Bob Iger has to report to investors and Major execs....

Had Captain Marvel's box office been faked, The Profits margins would have shown it and something like that could not have been kept quiet.....

I dont hardly every say this because I feel the "Phrase" is criminally overused and should ONLY be used for the absolute worst and Most Horrific fails of all time, But Honestly I cant think of anyone or any absurd statement like yours thats MORE DESERVING of the classic "Billy Madison" Meme-

"Mr. Kuku, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this chatroom is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."


Disney did not buy tickets , they dont need to , marvel is the biggest franchise ever and a sequel is in the works dufus


this marvel/disney conspiracy talk is very, very silly.

whatever you think of those films personally, they are reliably putting people in theatres.


I think they may have overestimated how much people liked her in Suicide Squad. I found her mostly annoying.



It's about 2-3 years too late. Riding off the Halloween costume wave, this would've been a hit.

Making it Rated R was unnecessary. There was nothing in this film that NEEDED that type of edge. The supposed target audience, teenage girls, can't even go see it.

The movie works completely as an unimportant one-off and that's just not what we want from comic book films these days. Nothing revolutionary happens that felt like I needed to rush to tell people, "OMG you need to see this or else you'll be missing out!" And I thought the Ant-Man movies were small-time. While fun, you can easily shrug it off and forget about it an hour after seeing it. There's not much to run home and write about.

Also, DC has changed so much since Suicide Squad, and they're only making their brand that much more confusing. So we have the new stuff which is apart of the old stuff, it just doesn't mention the old stuff anymore. Then we have the new stuff like Joker, that isn't attached at all, it just doesn't mention whether it is attached or not, so anyone can follow. Then we have this, which is part of the old stuff, and it still mentions the old stuff which is what people disliked, but also alienates the fans that DID like it by not following it.

And the biggest thing that people don't want to admit, is Harley Quinn was a great side character but putting her front and center just isn't all that interesting. Not to mention, Margot's acting is a caricature of who she was in Suicide Squad. Even watching the trailer of SQ, you can see a MAJOR difference in voice alone, and it's kinda weird. Reminds me of Stifler between American Pie 2 and American Wedding.

It's unfortunate, but WB is going to butcher Gunn's Suicide Squad because of it.


I think they may have overestimated how much people liked her in Suicide Squad. I found her mostly annoying.


I dont think they under estimated that at all

I think Margot Robbies HQ was truly the only good thing about the movie and by far the most well liked thing about it

I think WB simply FAILED to capitalize on it and somehow managed to not only waste the potential for the character, But astonishingly HURT the character...

for me in comes down to a few disastrous and amateurish mistakes made by WB.

Theres NO EXCUSE for a potential Margot Robbie HQ movie to take 4 YEARS after Suicide Squad....that was simply way too much time, It seem any and all steam the character picked up from Suicide Squad was lost and completely forgotten, You have to strike while the Iron Is Hot....

The problem is, Like always with WB they had no Plan or vision for the Universe, character or movies...and after Margot Robbies HQ was so well liked in Suicide Squad, They had no idea what to do with her and had no plan or no one even in charge.....the sheer depths of WBs incompetence came be summed up here with this one astonishing fact....WB had 5 different "Harley Quinn" possible movies in development in the aftermath of Suicide Squad, lol They literally had A Joker/Harley movie in development, BOP, Gothams City Sirens, HQ solo movie, and Suicide Squad 2, they had absolutely no clue where to go with character and literally were just throwing anything at the walls to see what would stick.

Next Problem was, WB's stunningly somehow managed to ELIMINATE the very audience and fan-base that they needed for this film to succeed by going with a R rating...Harley Quinn's largest fan base are by far teenage girls between 12 and 15....WB's decision to make this an R rated film Literally Eliminated a large portion of the audience needed for it to succeed!

Next Problem, Inexcusably awful TITLE...This film was being sold on 1 THING "Harley fucking Quinn"....The decision to make the title Birds of Prey never should have gotten past the "Hey what If" stage....Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey or something like that needed to be the title, Just a amateurish Mistake here!

Next Problem, Awful Production Problems and pre-release hype....The entire production process was an avalanche of Awful News that KILLED hype....from The news that Black Mask was gay and the plot involved him going after the BOP to get "Dick Pics" back to The constant new that Cathy Yan was in over head and WB was bringing in the directors of John Wick for reshoots....The entire Production process brought Nothing but Negativity to the movie

Last Problem, Its becoming clear now that WB has a Major Problem that they disastrously under estimated....

Its not as easy as Marvel Studios Makes it looks to take Unknown and Lesser Known characters and turned them into UBER successful franchises...

WB is know 0 for 2 with Shazam and BOP in trying to take B and C list characters and turned then into Movies and franchises that audiences care about..

for me the Key here, is WB disastrously under estimated the importance of a Cinematic Universe that spans 23 films over a decade which build a brand and audience that cares about every movie and every character(new and old)

WB saw Marvel Studios success Launching Unknown characters Like Ant-Man, Guardians of The Galaxy and even Doctor Strange and Black Panther....and Thought they could replicate that success

But Its pretty clear now, WB simply MISSED something HUGE....and That is, the key to turning Unknown characters movies into Instant Uber successful franchises is a Cinematic Universe that build a loyal fan base and cares about EVERY upcoming movie

WB just couldnt get audiences interested in these Unknown/Lesser Known characters.....

anyways thats my thoughts....

IMO Margot Robbie's HQ is just a massive missed and now DEAD opportunity for WB...

They had a character that was red hot coming off Suicide Squad featuring Literally the hottest A-list actress in Hollywood that easily should have resulted in a Trilogy of films making a minimum of 500 M+ each....

and instead, The potential franchise and character is dead after only 1 film and that 1 film is probably going to LOSE MONEY!


That is an unnecessarily long winded response to my post.

From my perspective, she was mainly popular as HQ because Margot is a stunning woman. Not really reason enough to give her a film of her own. You’re correct about them having missed the boat by waiting too long.

I don’t care much for Will Smith but found him to be the only character I liked in SS.


I think the whole SJW thing is turning people off, even women from going to these female lead movies. You have these people from Hollywood who live on cloud 9 insult male audience and telling them it's a women's film not bloody knowing that the biggest audience for these superhero films are men.

I think man hater Brie Larson didn't ruin Captain Marvel's box office cause it's Marvel and they can churn out any old crap now and the fanboys will go and see it. But it be interesting to see how the sequel to that film will do seen as even Marvel fanboys can't stand Larson.

It's not a great film but it isn't bad, it's a solid superhero film. I like Margot Robbie, she's got a presence to her but this should have been made a year or so earlier. I think it's just one of those films that probably be a cult superhero film rather then a blockbuster franchise that Warner Brothers was expecting.


Meh, it's been shitty weather for a good chunk of the northern states for the last 4 days. That doesn't usually help ticket sales. This is actually a good movie, and getting good word of mouth. There is nothing going against it for a while. It will do fine for an R rated CBM.


Interesting Tweet from BO analyst-----

Exhibitor Relations Co. 2: Box Office Boogaloo
BIRDS OF PREY officially debuted with $33,010,017

Best-case scenario: HUSTLERS ($33.1M, $104M total)

Worst-case scenario: X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX ($32.8M, $65M total)

Pointing out, at this point the Best possible scenario for BOP is a result similar to Hustler at 104 B....

and it looks like The Bottom, is around 65 M

I think It Will probably end up around 90 Million domestically...

either way, Just awful!


Ignore troll daddy. Anyway, is Harley Quinn the protagonist now?