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List of mind boggling quotes from the show

This is what +$1 billion buys you:

"a dog can bark at the moon but he cannot bring it down"

"Do you know why a ship floats and a stone cannot? Because the stone sees only downward."

"The skies are strange. "

"If we didn’t do everything we weren’t supposed to do, we’d hardly do anything at all."

"A mountain is like a person. It’s a long and ever-changing story made of countless small parts."

"How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?"

More to come........

Here's a good round up of all the nonsensical blabber in episode 4




So you're of the mind set that these are quotes of the highest level and should be studied for decades to come? How is this reaching when half the speeches and/or dialogue in the show is nonsensical twaddle, weak or even broken analogies, and something spoken one minute is later contradicted.

You're the one reaching with Olympic level mental gymnastics trying to explain why the Harhobbits have been tagged as Irish.


Who writes for them? Jack Handey?


Jaden Smith was shadow writing I think


When I heard "Do you know why a ship floats and a stone cannot? Because the stone sees only downward.", that was a bit hard, especially in the beginning of the show. I was like what were the script writers smoking?


You know when posh white kids travel out to a black neighbourhood to buy weed and asks the first black person they see for some cannabis reefer, because of course, there must be drugs here, and they must have drugs on them, because ye know....they're black.

Then the guy they asked tells them to wait a minute, goes around the corner and starts pulling pubes out, mixing it with leaves from a bush, then sells them it for $100.

I think that happened. They smoked that.


I actually don't mind the dog quote.

the mirror one sounds like a Jaden smith tweet


Holding somebody else's baby, and said in a wise tone, schooling everybody in the room. (The ground shakes) "Sometimes our island needs to stretch, just like you" (looking at the baby). She ignores the rumblings.

A massive earthquake follows and everybody dies. She then wakes up, it was all a dream.

That was so deep, man. *applause*


The guilldmaster speaks to a crowd.

"Trust in me, by the calluses on my hands!"

Holds up hands...has no calluses on his hands.

The crowd cheers and agrees.

Immediately after the unplanned, impromptu speech, one tray of drinks appears, to serve to the crowd of hundreds. Bottoms up!


The wise Elrond says to the Dwarf.

"There is no secret worth concealing with deception".

Erm....what if the secret is a precious metal that big baddies might want to take if they found out it was there?

Dwarf to Elrond, after Elrond finds their secret mine.

Dwarf: "You must never tell anybody about this ore we are mining, this secret must never leave the mine"

Elrond makes an "oath" that it will never be spoken about again.

For no reason, the dwarf then proceeds to give a piece of the ore to Elrond and lets him leave the mine with it. (because a plot needs to happen)


The very next episode, Elrond breaks his "oath" to the Dwarf, and gives up the Mithril with barely any resistance.

Even though it was a complete accident that he found it. The Elf bosses then claimed that he was part of a cunning plan to find the Mithril. mmmkay


“The sea is always right!”


Is always wet


That's right!


No, in the show the character would say something, on screen would be the exact opposite. The sea would be dry while the character points at the dry sea shouting about how wet it is, then give a broken analogy, worthless metaphor.

>Saying with a knowing smirk on his face, "If a rock is at the foot of the gate, and the bird flies with wet wings over the tree, the wet sea moves faster than either", then he winks.


I guess they tried to simulate the amazing one-liners you had during the first seasons of GoT, particularly the ones from Tirion Lannister.

I didn't work.