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Fantastic journey through so many viewpoints and keeps you engaged

I must say as someone who randomly watches other language films that I stumbled upon this gem on Netflix. I had no idea Belgium is what related to Flemish and Flanders.

The whole 10 episodes are really mesmerizing and the cast and casting is impeccable. The lead actress Delphine is really beautiful. Not in a sexy glamorous kind, but there's something about her very attractive. A soft beauty and just something alluring about her that just draws you to her. I can see why one of an incorrigible juror even changes in her presence. Shame her husband was a piece of shit but it was good to see her fly in the end.

The whole legal system was new to me and interesting to see the contrast with our own. There's 12 jurors like ours but there's also 2 alternate jurors. Not sure if we have them too, probably likely. But it was odd to see how the court was structured with some wearing red clothes, some black and the whole way they sat at an angle like that.

Some great castings were - the defendants lawyer Mr. Spaak was really really good imo. Stefaan De Munck was great. He had that just enough to make you go either way.
The Chief Lady inspector was the same - you could see the bitch in her but you don't know if it is really her seeking justice or being a vengeful bitch.

Then the jurors were great with Jeori, Holly, Noell and especially Arnold. Arnold was your classic redneck racist conservative clearly but he was also someone who spoke more sensibly at the end.

Delphine's voting was strange given her own circumstances etc.

At the end you just start deliberating like that jury to make up your mind whether guilty or not and you either are with or against Frie Palmers.

Finally, I'm glad they resolved it clearly at the end, unlike our pretentious directors (cough Christopher Nolan cough) who can't even be bothered to finish their own movies to conclusion and leave it up to viewer interpretation bs. I mean, come on, just conclude your own freaking movie.

By showing exactly what transpired, it gave great closure to us, the viewer and respected us well.

It was a fantastic watch imo.

Rating: 9.5/10


where did you see it?




must be in europe. thanks


What's in Europe? I'm not in Europe. I'm from the good ol' USA


I also thought this show was really good.
I'm not sure that Arnold was a racist guy though. I think he was just angry/lonely after his wife died and he didn't want to open up to anyone. He thought Vera was into him when she was giving him rides and inviting him for dinner. He decided to open himself up to the relationship but later found out that she was already married so he stopped interacting with her like he did with everyone else. Some people probably saw that as him being against lesbians but I didn't see it that way. If she were married to a gut he probably would have shut her out then too.