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True story about watching Sound of Freedom in theatres

So I took the wifey to see Sound of Freedom.

Unfortunately, the local Biden group were sitting behind me, all dressed up in NAMBLA gear and Obama shirts. There were a dozen of them.

It didn't take long before they were whistling at the kids in the movie. I politely told them to shut up, to which one responded "It's a free country, bigot!".

I politely asked again and one of the dudes hit me with a purse. I accidentally misgendered her since her trans look didn't have the most effort, and instantly all 12 tried to jump me at once.

I kicked the woman in her balls and then punched a man in his boobs. I then jumped up and kicked the purple-haired person in the face before landing left-right combos, and knocking out cold the fat dude with the neck beard. Around that time, I ripped the nose-ring out of the Lizzo impersonator. As the bodies kept falling on the floor, the whining got worse.

"You wouldn't hit a woman, would you?" whined one of the transwomen.

"I'm not hitting a woman!" I replied as I punched them in the face.

"OMG! He misgendered him! That's literally violence!"

"No it's not. This is violence!" I said as I karate chopped the Hispanic non-binary.

Eventually, I alone stood and then my wife, who was quite turned on by this masculine display of strength, kissed me. The theater manager came in and asked what was going on, and then asked everyone for tickets. I had been suspicious how so many Biden voters had afforded tickets since they don't have any jobs, and sure enough, none had tickets and had all snuck in.

When it was all said and done, 8 of the members had to go to the hospital and 3 of them had even lost teeth. When me and the wifey got home, pretty sure I got her preggers with baby #4 that night. The movie was good though. 9/10


I’m so sorry that was your experience. The hate towards this movie and its fans is outrageous. I agree it was a great movie and I can’t decide between this and Oppenheimer for my favorite film of 2023.


Haha, this was a pretty funny read! Thank you.


How do you identify NAMBLA gear?