Any fans of Love here?

This show kind of reminds me of a show within a show called Witchita that was in Love show.

When I first saw the trailer of Sabrina, I immediately thought of Witchita. XD


I thought of that too.

Then again, this is a common theme used for ages in horror films.


Yes, it is quite common.

But there were some similarities like a young girl who gets her powers when she turns 16 in Sabrina’s case and in Witchita it was when she gets her period.

Setting in Witchita is in the 50’s, while in Sabrina it is set in modern times I guess but it is a bit ambiguous, because when you look at the way some characters are dressed, set design and cars for example in the scene when the ambulance/police arrives, the cars are old models from the 50’s or 60’s.

And most of all why it reminded me of it was because Witchita was actually a shit TV show, even Gus says it’s crap. And I must say Sabrina seem like the same type of show, it is entertaining though, but some stuff is cringeworthy and lame. Same as Riverdale which I also watch as my guilty pleasure. It’s mediocre at its best, it is not in the same level as let’s say Breaking Bad or other acclaimed shows. Even American Horror Story if we’re talking about horror genre, although AHS also did have some stupid moments.