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[spoilers] One of the worst things....

.....that I don’t think anyone has mentioned is that when Nile takes down Merrick through the high rise window, crashing him to death in to a parked car on the street below, there’s a really long pause until ANY people show up in the street.

This is London....and there’s no pedestrians, no cyclists, no cars, no taxis....anywhere. It’s a dead place. And it’s not even a quiet alleyway or private side street.

Sure, the street doesn’t have to be crammed, but that scene was just a killer ending for me and not in a good way.
Even in the business/financial district where the action could have been taking place, there would be people on the ground somewhere - and plenty of people in the adjacent offices who may have heard or seen what happened.

It’s like, they get her out of the smashed car and get into their own car and I can almost hear the director calling ‘Cue Crowd’ as suddenly hoards of people come from round the corner - and it’s not like they’ve come rushing from buildings (looking flustered, without a jacket etc if they’d witnessed it and broken from a meeting to rush outside), they look like usual, business-types that you’d see walking about in the street going to or from work, nipping out for lunch or a meeting or whatever.