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Good action flick. Charlize Theron is stunning

Charlize Theron is an amazing actress. She was superb in the first movie I saw her about the chimpanzee and she looks stunning and just as beautiful here. In fact, she looks even more ravishing with her exquisite haircut.

The plot is very intriguing and I think this can make a great series. The rest of the cast was good as well and the acting was pretty good. The concept of long living mortals is something very alluring and there's so much more to explore here via a TV Series. They who/why and how of it along with establishing a good villain etc.

Quynh was shaped up nicely for a sequel clearly along with the ambiguity of Charlize Theron's fate.

Overall, I really liked the movie. Solid summer action flick. And Charlize Theron is truly a goddess. In acting, looks, action and allure.

Rated: 8/10.