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Over the rainbow and under the bridge

It's not easy being a star and no mater how rough she had it, Judy really loved her kids. And her fans of all kinds.

England decriminalized acts against consenting adult men 21 years or older decades earlier before the United States so it's not suprising that she finds temporary sollace in the apartment of a gay couple. Somewhat disappointed that they did not get into the proposed connection between the American stonewall riots and her death...the timing was supposed to have helped further enrage American gays who WERE still being harassed by the police.

But well, overall, it's a good picture.

We see her grueling schedule even as a young child. Somebody--either an agent and/or a governess employed by the studio perpetually hovers over her. It's little wonder she developed issues later in life. That she survived as long as she did when she did is a testament to her strength.

If you're expecting a happy go lucky portrait of Garland....this film is not for you. If you can stomach her as she really and truly was....yes by all means go ahead.


However, most people (non-celebrities) who develop issues later in life are held more responsible for their rehabilitation and actions, whether they should be or not. Being hovered over is not really abuse,. it's being controlled. Her being giving drugs at an early age would constitute abuse, as such. In other words, regular folk would be forced to enter a mental-hospital after attempting suicide(s); I don't if she was.


I don't know either--the lady in the film though really was creepy. Felt bad for Judy.