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The gruesome lynching of that black boy in 1916 told by Harry Belafonte...

actually left out most of the unimaginable torture details. (Which was, wait... the point of that scene in the movie...?)

If you want to read the full story and the details of the truly indescribable and abysmal events that went down in rural Texas in 1916, go to Wikipedia:

But beware: You WILL NOT FORGET what you are about to read.

And remember: All this happened not in some ancient times, not in Ancient Rome or Sumer or at some bloodsoaked Maya site a thousand years ago in a different, merciless culture, but in the proud and beautiful state of Texas, USA, just 100 years ago.

And hundreds of people (incl. their KIDS!) were watching LIVE the horrific mutilating, torturing and burning alive of a human being right before their eyes - the screams, THE SCREAMS, THE PAIN, THE AGONY - can you imagine that? Can you really imagine that? And the next day they probably went to church again.

Read it. You owe that to Jesse.


And he beat a white woman to death with a hammer and confessed to it over an argument regarding mules. I suppose you wanted him to have three hots and a cot?


Really? I didn't know that, honestly. Maybe you know the whole story better than me, but this can't seriously be your justification to kill him the way they did??!

If he had been white he wouldn't have had to die like this, I guess you'll agree with me...


I don't care if he was white or black he deserved to die for what he did.