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Not good - 4/10 SPOILERS

Joaquin Phoenix turned in a great performance

The movie itself was drab, depressing, repetitive and predictable. It dragged on way too long and the music was grating on my ears.

Really didn't need to see Thomas and Martha Wayne murdered yet again on screen. What is this, the fourth or fifth time?

I don't know if this movie is intended as the first in a series or as the entree to the next Batman movie. If that's the case, I have little interest in seeing either.


Was it necessary for you to give plot details...ever heard of spoilers?


It's not much of a spoiler unless you missed their deaths the first ten times, but I've edited the thread title.


Thanks for the edit, but for the record the previous movies are not relevant here. I did not know this would be a part of this movie...but now I do...


I agree but would give it a 5.5/10

There were two or three scenes that were very good but it lost its aim somewhere in the bleak hour of character development. I don't like that they made Joker a victim of abuse to explain him. I am supposed to believe that the Clown Prince of Crime came from this soft-headed handicapped guy? Also: Three rich guys killed by a clown starts a clown riot??? ... because everyone wants to riot because ... um, because ... rich people?

Mostly well done but intellectually disconnected.

(If I see the Waynes getting killed one more time, I will turn into the Hulk)