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Decent start, then falls apart

Soderbergh must have been bored to have made this trite 'is she crazy or not' by-the-numbers thriller. Purely a masturbatory experiment to use an iphone. Looked cheap and there is no point to this movie we've seen 1000 times before.

To boot, there were plot holes o-plenty. It never made any sense how her stalker timed working at the hospital at the exact moment she gets committed? Then he kills the guy who actually got the job, stole his identity, yet no one at the hospital who hired the real guy figured this out? Made no sense the stalker had total free reign of the hospital apparently. Turning off cameras, whisking a patient away in the middle of the night without any of the other patients in the same room noticing, killing a guy and blaming it on an overdose without any investigation... ridiculous.

Who the hell lets Soderbergh make this crap? I love some of this movies, but someone should be the voice of reason on projects like this and tell him to get a grip.


I can't agree with this more !!!


The first part looked almost like a poor man's Cronenberg (think 'Spider'). The second... I couldn't believe it just turned into a standard thriller. I kinda liked it though.