Expected more

I might grow to like this with repeat viewings but on first impressions I didn't think this was one of Tarantino's best. I can see now why it didn't linger in the top 250 for longer, whereas other films of his such as Django and Inglourious have remained solidly in it all this time.

Unlike those films not a great deal happens and it is slow and very dialogue driven, which is fine, but at least those films had, and it's something Tarantino is almost a master at, is great suspense building dialogue driven scenes, such as the first scene in IB, or the scene later in the tavern, or in Django at the dinner table, or you can go back further to the diner scene in PF, or the True Romance scene with Hopper and Walken. He is great at building the tension like that. Thought there may have been opportunity even at the end for it and it never really happened as it quickly descended into another one of Tarantino's staples - over the top violent deaths.

All a bit too plodding for me. Also the foot fetish was extreme in this one and got a bit off putting. It's like "We get it Quentin, you like feet! You don't have to stick your foot fetish in our faces!". I'm pretty sure if there was woman out there that looked like a female's bare foot, then Tarantino would have been married a long time ago.