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Name your three favorite scenes (and some additional gems)

A famous director (I forget his name) succinctly defined a great movie as such: Three good scenes, no bad scenes. While the second part of this definition is debatable with "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" -- as the movie could've certainly been tightened up -- there's no doubt that it fulfills the first part. Here are my three favorite scenes:

1. The amusing satirical Bruce Lee confrontation
2. The Spahn Ranch episode with its underlying sense of menace
3. The Manson nutjob attack at the Dalton abode

Additional Gems:

- The friendship and respect of Rick and Cliff
- The audacious flamethrower sequence
- Rick's breakdown with the precocious girl actor (not actress)
- The beautiful women throughout
- The superlative cast, including several celeb cameos
- The entertaining soundtrack
- Brandi, the pit bull
- Rick's meltdown in his trailer
- Rick finally pulling off a quality acting scene via ad libbing
- George Spahn (Dern) not remembering Cliff
- The amusing observation that Sharon Tate has a 'type'
- Everything (surprisingly) turning out to be precisely as Squeaky Fromme said
- The allusion to what MAY have happened to Cliff's nagging wife (Rebecca Gayheart ) on the boat
- The way it should have turned out on that infamous night August 8, 1969
- The heartwarming close


1. Cliff at the Spahn Ranch
2. Rick's breakdown on set
3. the Manson Family's attack on Rick and Cliff

Additional gems:
- Cliff and Rick's natural chemistry
- The soundtrack
- Sharon Tate watching The Wrecking Crew in theaters


The smoke commercial during the end credits.
Half the minions left the cinema when the credits rolled and missed it!
No throat burn! lol!


Darn, I missed it too!


hahaa Rick definitely did not like the taste of Red Apples..


Havn't not enjoyed this movie so much, some scenes definitely stuck with me.

1. First and foremost, the amazing journey of Cliff as he leaves Rick's lavish home, goes on a gorgeous roadtrip to eventually, his shitty trailer behind a drive-in where he has a quiet & lonely evening with his dog.

2. Rick grills himself hard in his trailer for botching his scenes on account of being a rummy.

3. Kurt Russell and Rick talking about hiring Cliff, Cliff's infamous history, and that whole affair going tits up.

I loved the thrilling scene of Cliff investigating the ranch, but I feel that's not going to hold up so well to multiple viewings. I feel it may prove rather dull. Like a lot of the more tense scenes in Jackie Brown do. Once you know the outcome, they become a bit of a slog.


There were so many amazing scenes.

But one scene that wasn't mentioned so far (at least I don't think it was mentioned) that I thought was one of the funniest moments of the film was when Rick was making drinks in the blender, and he ran outside and confronted the 3 Manson followers in the car for being parked outside his house, and he goes on an epic rant in his bathrobe while still holding the blender with the drinks in his hand, yelling at the Manson followers to "get the fuck out of here you goddamn hippies", and a few times he would stop screaming at them just to take a drink from the blender, and then he would continue the yelling. He was hitting the hood of the car while he was yelling at them.

The great thing about that scene, was as funny as it was also very tense, because you weren't sure if the Manson followers were going to get out of the car right there and kill Rick during his tirade. Classic Tarantino right there. Love that scene!


My wife & I were giggling at that scene because I've been known to go outside at night in my robe to do whatever (find one of our cats, go to the garage to get something, etc.).

Yeah, I was half expecting Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) to get shot by the hippie dude in the car too.