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The Wasted Journey of Wonder Woman

This is the excellent Critical Drinker's take on WW84

There's one thing I completely and fully agree: this was the perfect chance for Diana to go in a personal journey, what means for an immortal demigod to have to live in the shoes of a normal human? what means to suddenly become powerless?

Quite an irony, actually, when you think about modern Hollywood... you have again and again the trope "fuck romantic plots, women don't need men, particularly white ones" in most of modern Hollywood movies and series. Fast forward to this movie: here the story would have worked better without the standard romantic plot. It should have been her journey. Perhaps you could introduce a new romance partner that works as a gatekeeper for that world Diana must endure (being a normal human), kind of what Julie Warner was for Michael J Fox in Doc Hollywood. Otherwise, have her walking that path by herself.

Instead of it, we have Chris Pine playing the usual male character in a standard romance novel. And we have no journey because Diana becomes a human who still has some undefined superpowers.

That's what happens when tropes are applied not because of what the story needs, but because of what a political/religious agenda needs.