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If the Critical Drinker says "fuck off, film" then you KNOW it's a failure

And he does just that in his review of this movie.


And - unlike many other critics (Nerdrotic etc) - he actually provides a solid analysis of the film's faults.


He's the man.


If you like this guy I recommend watching Robot Head as well, both are equally good and amusing with their movie reviews and recommendations



I already watch Robot Head, he's hilarious!


Critical Drinker complains about everything in a cool to hate type thing except for the few things on reddit the hive mind says to love.

I'd ignore critical drinker because he is totally wrong here. The movie is pretty entertaining and well worth my money.

Initially his Youtube was good but now he just is a virgin hateful guy who needs some other things in life which he likely won't get.


Your style fills me with skepticism.


He is spot on.

Maybe you found the movie entertaining, but that doesn't make him wrong.

Some people do enjoy movies that are turds. And i see no problem with that.


That is an opinion, not a fact. In my opinion, his take on WW84 is rubbish and he seems to have a particular vendetta against movies many people enjoy for what it is like Captain Marvel and he likes to think only his opinion is valid and he deletes critical comments on his own site. For someone named Critical Drinker, he can't accept any critical comment. Ironic but he is not a critical thinker so he won't comprehend it.

Some people do enjoy turds like Critical Drinker and that is fine too.

WW84 is a good movie that I enjoyed like all those Marvel movies and I look forward to DC's WW3 next.


by any objective standards ww84 is NOT a good movie. I don't know how you can say that.

Special effects are evidently BAD through the whole movie. CGI looks like it's from 1984 ...
Acting is rubbish (that was to be expected from gadot but pedro is overactinng quite a lot).
Story is childish and quite stupid with more holes than a piece of emmentaler ..
Directing is meh ..
Soundtrack is lacking, specially for a movie set in the 80s

Etc etc.

Again, the fact you enjoyed an objectively bad movie doesn't make said movie ... good.

I'm sorry that you feel butthurt about a movie that you liked. Get over ir, it's just a movie.

And for the record, people that agree/like CD had the same feeling about the movie before watching CD's review ...


Are you seriously telling me I can't determine which movie is good for myself? And that I'm wrong for thinking WW84 is a good movie?

Well, by that logic, you're wrong for thinking WW84 is not a good movie. Case closed.

YOU need to get over it. People have different tastes and not everyone has to like what you do and dislike what you don't. Don't be a child and grow the f up.

And in the same vein, Critical Drinker is a turd now and makes shitty reviews just for sensationalist views. His takes are mostly rubbish and for the reddit "woke" crowd who want to be edgy and wannabe cool but in reality like CriticalDrinker, they're juvenile virgins who are seeking assertion for their insane viewpoints and can't handle anything negative.


yeap, that's what I'm saying.

there is subjective good, and you have the right to consider good a turd.

and there is objective good, based on objective factors that i already enumerated. so objectively the movie is a turd but you can subjectively consider it good.

and i'm discussing the movie, not CD.

btw, all youtube reviewers, not just CD, said that WW84 is a turd.


The biggest problem with Wonder Woman 84 is that the story is incoherent, as if important parts of the film were edited out accidentally.

I'm not the only one who noticed this. Tons of others have said the same, and this is an objective flaw.


You seem to be overlooking the concept that you may have enjoyed a movie that was not done well. I enjoy The Postman, but I won't kid myself into thinking it's well made. That's this movie. Everything people have complained about is undeniably bad, in comparison to the thousands of other films that were done right. Every movie ever made previous is the measure against what is good and what is bad, but nobody can tell us what we enjoy. This was not done well, for all the reasons you've already seen, but it's cool that you enjoyed it.


I often agree with Critical Drinker, but I do feel like sometimes he is overly negative. Captain Marvel, for instance, I had to begrudgingly admit was an entertaining and generally well-made film. He couldn't acknowledge that though.


Critical Drinker is a good reviewer who knows a lot about writing, but I feel he kind of let him himself get dragged down by hanging out with those cliques of not so smart Youtubers (Nerdrotic, Doomcock, etc., etc.) I noticed his quality was better before.

A good takedown I watched was Screen Rants pitch meeting for "WW84."