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Either I am getting used to jump scares or...

This was dull as crap. Nothing like the Conjuring 2 with that Nun. I was falling half asleep just hoping to see the devil have some worth but nope.

-I like how when crosses turn upside down they're automatically useless.
-Asylum has the most shittiest lighting available (during that scene with the Arne mopping the floor)
-Why do demons keep doing the same stupid scare and possess tactics? You'd think they'd try something new by now to get them to stop being exorcised. Why destroy the host body? Then you'll have to wait for another host to possess.
-Apparently if you're being cursed you can bypass the bible.
-None of the jump scares were even remotely scary or made you flinch except some build up noises that lead to nothing (hand scratching a tree trunk only to see 2 girls run out from behind it).

Demons these days sure love to flip the human limbs into the opposite direction (back arching, legs and hand inversion, and head 180's)

Good thing there are YT videos out there that delve deep into the Conjuring lore and the monsters themselves else I would've been put off with the current devil (besides the Nun [Valak] of course).


I didn't care much at all for the first Conjuring, but I loved Conjuring 2 when it's set in the UK and has a demon threatening one of the paranormal investigators' lives.

As for this one, I probably won't see it at all, it sounds and looks as dull as shit.


It was dull and all the jump scares were crap. I didn't like Conjuring 2 either, but at least that film had a couple of good jump scares. In this one you could predict all of them.


I thought maybe too many scary movies have dulled my senses but after reading these reviews I am glad I am not the only one who was a little bored. Still looking for that 2021 chill you to the bones scary Halloween movie.